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Many city's are now doing service inspections checking to see if you have a backflow device installed on services that need to be protected. We can retrofit your existing system to include a backflow assembly.

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What is a Backflow Assembly?

Simply put, it is what protects your drinking water from contamination. Backflows come in various shapes and sizes. All of them serve the same general purpose, to protect your health.

Why does my Backflow require an annual certification?

It is required that a CCCDI (Cross Connection Control Device Inspector) tests your assembly annually to make sure that the device is functioning properly. This insures that the drinking water is properly protected from contaminates.

No matter what type, size, or service your Backflow Assembly is a part of ... Key Construction Group can test, repair, service, or install it!

Every member of the Key Construction team is licensed and certified to work on Backflow devices.

If you receive a letter informing you that your Backflow is due for annual inspection, give us a call and we will handle all of the inspections, tests, certifications, and paperwork involved for you.